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The COVID-19 Magnifying Glass

My experience with quarantine feels like a magnifying glass has amplified everything in my immediate reality. I feel grateful for this precious time with my family and we have all stepped up our communication to honor everyone's needs, concerns and boundaries. I have also felt the negative effects of this "new normal" where space and time are closing in on me and my emotions are a roller coaster, as I try to process and create awareness around what is coming up (or bursting out) to be healed. It feels raw, real and so important to address immediately for my own growth and healing. I have used EVERY tool I have to meet what is coming up with love, creating self care time to process, and partnering with other healers for mutual healing sessions. You can see this as a time of fear, chaos and anxiety OR a time of great opportunity for deep healing, service and unity.

"Regardless of the toll these days have already taken, now is the time to give yourself grace.” Joyce Marter

The Earth was in an unsustainable cycle and has abruptly shifted to change this destructive trajectory. We are all here to help bring this new more sustainable, loving, unity consciousness into full expression. The more love and light we bring into our own lives helps dislodge density on all levels individually and in the collective. It may seem the world is falling apart in a grand chaotic fashion, but actually that is just the darkness (density) coming up to be healed. Just like my own darkness is coming through now to get my attention for healing, the worlds darkest parts are being revealed to us through hate crimes, extreme weather, violence, famine and lack of abundance. This darkness is rooted in fear which is based on the fact that we are separate. Separate from God. Separate from each other. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are all waves in an ocean of consciousness and how you individually are "Being" ripples out and affects everyone around you. We are all part of the beautiful fabric of life and spirit. We are divinity and unconditional love. We all have two primary choices in any situation: fear or love. I choose love. Through love, I choose acceptance, I choose forgiveness, and I choose equality. The world right now needs more light, more beacons of hope, more service to the greatest needs and much more equality.

Start now. Act with your heart. See all the good that is happening around you. Every action and thought based on love will greatly contribute to a smoother transition into oneness and peace on this planet.

You are a powerful diving soul having a human experience. You are purely unconditional love. All else is a contrast to help us feel love on a much deeper level.

Your mental health is priority number one: for you, for your family and for the planet!

I love you, I see and accept you for exactly who you are.

Thank you for coming on this healing journey with me!



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