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Prioritizing Self Care

As I reflect on my own journey over the last year, one thing has become abundantly clear, self care is not an option anymore. If you are an empath, you have felt the signals and waves of anger, grief, despair, polarity and disfunction from the outside world. These feelings may come up as heaviness, dense blocks, intense emotions and uncomfortable triggers in your physical and emotional bodies. When we ignore the health of our energy bodies our auric field is constricted and closer to our physical body. We feel outer distress or discordant energies more intensely, like a punch in the gut or a deep unsettled feeling that you can't shake.

When you take care of your energy body your auric field naturally expands, becoming much bigger and brighter. In this state when an outside curveball comes your way it bounces off this bright energy field, you can sense things coming as if in slow motion and you are able to proactively respond from your heart with compassion for the person, situation or event. From this place you see there is no one who is right or wrong in any given situation. Just what feels like your truth and you are able to respond with love and clear boundaries. You are able to see yourself reacting from a place of wholeness with a deep understanding for what is as well as honoring others sovereignty and freedom.

"Remember, self-care doesn't need a week. It just needs short moments each day for you to fill up, to reset yourself, to calm yourself down, to expose yourself to things that make you feel good and things that help you reset your sense of self and your sense of peace." - Lee Harris

I would love to share with you my daily rituals of self care that help me to BE in a loving, grounded and heart centered place. First, I have a morning mediation and journaling ritual that is non negotiable. I arrange each day (even when traveling) around this me time that sets my positive intention and flow for the day. Included in this special time is a daily heart coherence mediation to connect my soul/heart center with my brain with the intention to come from this balanced heart centered place throughout my day. When I journal I tune into my heart and ask my highest self, "What would be in my best and highest interest to know today?". Or if I am moving through some triggers and deep emotions I just let the writing flow. I find the intense energy of the emotion immediately shift as I create awareness around what is coming up, activate self compassion and write how I am feeling down.

Another wonderful daily ritual I love is practicing gratitude. There are many ways you can engage in honoring all the blessings you are grateful for throughout your day. I have had a set time each night to write down what I am grateful for in a dedicated journal. What you are grateful for can be as simple as clean water, a wonderful meal, a good friend, a loving exchange. This practice has morphed into many moments through the day where I pause and give thanks as I feel blessed by someone or something that has helped enrich my life. This practice is especially uplifting when you are in a difficult place emotionally. You literally raise your vibration and begin the feel a shift out of the negative into a more positive, whole state.

The last ritual I do each day is to take care of my physical body. I nourish myself with colorful high vibrating foods, drink plenty of spring water, I regularly engage in physical activity like walking my dog, yoga or Qigong. And I take daily pause and replenish in the late afternoon where I meditate, listen to a podcast, read something I love or simply take a quick nap.

I also want to share things I have taken out of my day that have felt draining, disconnecting, heavy and low vibe. All social media, daily news, and violent shows on TV. I do want to know what is going on in the world so I will intentionally tune into the news several times a week but it is more high level and does not feel draining or stressful. And if I do get triggered by something I hear or read, I know I have an opportunity to heal what shadow is coming up in me to be healed. When I stopped all my social media feeds I immediately felt so much lighter and more inspired to create. I spend more time actually calling or connecting in person with dear friends which feels so wonderful and loving. I used to see a post by someone on social media and feel we had some sort of connection but now realize when I reach out and have a conversation with someone in person or on the phone it feels completely different and so amazing, supportive, and uplifting.

What one or two daily rituals you would love to weave into your day?
What would you like to take out of your routine that feels heavy or draining?

I am sending you all so much compassion and love right now. We remain in a time of deep change and transformation. Thank you for being a part of my journey!



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