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The Art of Freedom

We all long for the world to accept us, to love us unconditionally, and to be FREE. Freedom is a mindset, a perspective shift gained through your own wisdom in discovering the truth about Who you really are. We are born free, we are born with unconditional loving hearts and souls. Then we experience in this lifetime all that our soul has asked to learn from and we discover what it feels like to be the opposite of free; unworthy, rejected, unappreciated, unloved. Only these contrasts can illuminate the light and love we know is the essence of our being. The spiritual path begins by honoring those truths, accepting we are a soul having a human experience to learn and grow and to begin releasing all that is not love or freedom. It is a beautiful lifelong journey, a dance between ego and attachment vs unconditional love and freedom.

"The root of suffering is attachment" - Buddha

When I find myself in a place of suffering, sadness, or anxiety I ask myself three things:

Am I in heart coherence? Am I in the present moment? Am I attached to the outcome?

Inevitably the pain stems from one of these places. I then tune into my heart, get back to the present moment which I know is where my power lies, and become the neutral observer of my life. I also use mantras often to help me shift into my most effective neutral, loving state. Start to become aware of all statements you say after "I am.....". These are very powerful energetic imprints sent out into the universe that shape your reality. I invite you to begin to shift all your "I am...." statements to positive, empowering messages for the universe to hear loud and clear!

"I am the neutral observer"

"I am unconditonal love"

"I am free"

"I am enough"

"I am strong and beautiful"

"I am grateful"

"I am divine"

It takes a lot of energy to hold pain and fear in place. Your soul is ready to release and heal all that is in your awareness now. That's the coolest part....if it's in your conscious mind it is ready to be healed. Anything not ready to be processed stays in your unconscious mind until you are ready spiritually and emotionally to work through it. That is where TRUSTING in the divine timing of everything comes into play. Right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

Grace is another tool that helps us move through these densities that bubble up with ease and flow. Grace enhances receptivity and allows surrender. Grace balances shame and the need for control. Grace is Gods gift to us. It is based in trust in the divine, allowing us to be open to receive the sacred wisdom from our hearts. Grace allows us to let go.

Spiritual freedom is being in a place where despite what happens in life, we are free to draw from our inner wisdom to deal with the challenges. It is the capacity to focus on what we want instead of what we don't want. In spiritual freedom there is no need to hold back or play small. Spiritual freedom is in alignment with the Spirit of God expressing all our wisdom, power, ability to manifest, capacity to do good and spread love.




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