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Meet Kara

My journey of healing began as a young 19 year old diagnosed with cancer.  That moment changed me forever and began to open my heart. I experienced many more illnesses and a near-death trauma that broke me wide open to my Soul Purpose in this life. I made the choice to stop being a victim of what life was throwing my way and start embracing all the pain as a beautiful lesson, transforming my heart and connecting with the deepest expression of my soul.  


The discovery of Energy Healing gave me the opportunity to heal my body, mind, and spirit as well as others. I began to explore other healing modalities adding Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, and Channeling to my tool belt.


As a starseed I have connected deeply with my own star origins and my larger cosmic mission here on planet Earth.  These profound experiences have inspired me to help other starseeds connect with their own galactic lifetimes, discovering a whole new level of understanding of Who you really are and why you have volunteered to incarnate on this planet at this time. These meaningful connections to a very wise and powerful part of your soul bring clarity, strength and confidence to your own intuitive, psychic abilities as well as ease and balance in navigating being human. 


My mission is to spread light, love, and guide starseeds to navigate their pain, tapping into their inner power to create meaning, purpose, and a life beyond their wildest imagination.  My passion is in creating community, knowing that we are all here to walk each other home to our true authentic selves and the unity consciousness of humanity. I believe the world needs to balance the divine masculine and feminine. Through this balance, we will create a place of abundance, wholeness, and harmony.

Image by Valentina Yoga

"The power is in you.  The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches.  You are the goal. You are the answer.  It's never outside."

- Eckhart Tolle
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