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Cause and Effect

Do you ever wonder why you keep attracting the same negative situations in life and just don't know how to move past them? Most people play the blame game, thinking life is happening to them, not for them. It's not my fault I have finanacial struggles, am in an unfulfilling career, am in an unhealthy relationship or struggle with health problems.

There is no one to blame for thinking like this because this is the way we have been taught from our parents and our culture. In the short term it can be nice to think there is an outside factor that is the reason why we don't have our life in order. It lets us off the hook and directs that energy to some external person/situation/physical object rather than looking inward at yourself. I have been there countless times!

Those reasons why you may not have your life the way you want it are just fundamentally excuses. It's like living your life as an Effect due to external reasons, rather than being at the Cause of your life. If you keep living life at the Effect side you only continue to reaffirm that you have reasons/excuses for where you are, which means you stay where you are and can expect more of the same to the point that you are resigned to that way of thinking. It narrows our choice and freedom. We need to turn this concept inside out!

Now imagine if we put ourselves in the position of taking responsibility for our state of affairs. To begin to realize you can be at Cause, cocreate your personal reality, and that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and no one else's fault. To really take responsibility for your past, present and future. What does that do? How would that change the way we act in our life? Firstly, it gives us the power back into our life to change what we have control over which is our own well being, physical and mental health, our relationships, and our life purpose/career. Knowing that no one gave us those limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, poor health and attitude. In some way we chose to take on those limiting beliefs in our life (probably on an unconscious level) to learn from those experiences and expand our soul's growth. It can be hard to grasp, but by doing so we can UNDO all our conflicts!

"The most liberating and empowering day of my life was the day I freed myself from my own self-destructive nonsense."
- Dr. Steve Maraboli

If we continue to blame external things or people it causes us to feel bad, have resentment, hate and anger. But if we take responsibility for our situation it means we can change it because if we don't we won't change. Even if you strongly feel it's someone else's fault, I suggest you turn on the power of curiosity and start thinking differently. It's no longer someone else's fault and that means it's no longer out of your control. With this perspective shift we don't have any true excuses. When we get to the point of acceptance, we can take back the control. When this happens we realize we are the creators of our reality, have the power to change what we don't like, knowing we are the Cause of our life.

If we choose to move from the Effect (reasons/excuses) to the Cause (taking responsibility) side of the equation it gives you the power to change ANY area of your life. Are you ready to take back your power? Are you ready to truly live the life of your dreams? You have that power and choice right now no matter where you are in your journey!



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