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Living Through Your Heart

We are here to IMAGINE and envision a new reality that is rooted in LOVE. I know it might be hard to imagine a world where we ALL respect, love and care for each other and our planet. I am inspired to dream of this world, to allow this to be our destiny and to watch it begin to unfold as a result of the power of love.

I notice in my own path when I go through a painful episode the other side of it is so much lighter, more connected and true. This is also happening on the collective conscious level. The shadows are coming up to be healed and transformed by coming out into the light. And the golden moments are when I show up for the pain or fearful emotions with gentle awareness and self-love. When you begin to honor your feelings, stepping into authenticity you are contributing in a powerful way to the healing of our planet.

I used to dodge and weave madly to avoid conflict, confrontation and really anything that felt uncomfortable. When I avoided the pain it manifested itself as illness, disconnection, anger, confusion and difficult relationships. Now I see the path to my truth runs directly through all the pain as invaluable lessons of growth and opportunity. And what lies on the other side of the pain is even more expansion of the heart. It feels so much lighter, clear and loving. At first it took time to move through these lessons and I learned over time to honor my feelings and just allow them to come in. I greet each with awareness, love, forgiveness and compassion.

This process is made easier when you accept you are the source of your own reality and there is no “right or wrong” label of judgment in your experience. It helps me to see the discordant energy as learning experiences, that I am in truth the neutral observer and that I am always exactly where I need to be on my journey. Many feelings are so deep and layered and I have learned it is not necessary to know all the details of the source of the pain. Meeting these emotions with love and a knowing that there is no “right or wrong” is all you need to begin to completely dissolve them. The transmutation process allows the feelings to come up, be honored and felt and then fully processed with truth and clarity.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed with what is happening in world and feeling the larger collective chaos? It may seem like you couldn't possibly make a dent in this collective reality but that is far from the truth. When we learn how to love and care for our inner world not only do we change but the outer world begins to shift into higher frequencies of peace, harmony and love.

We are all here to DREAM and CREATE this beautiful new world we want to bring to reality for ourselves, our children and their children!

What do you want to create? Remember you are limitless!



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